Key Production Skills - Producer

Senior / Series Producer l Studio / Gallery Producer l Location Producer l Edit Producer l Development Producer.

  • Dynamic and highly motivated creative Senior Producer with a broad range of production experience and transferable skills gained through various producer roles developing, scripting and producing ongoing strands, new formats and multi-platform content for live / pre-recorded studio shows and location based formats.
  • Skilled project manager, experienced in organising production teams and leading the creative direction of programmes, meeting the needs of both the channel and target audience from inception through to delivery.
  • Strong networking and negotiation skills, experienced in working closely in partnership with the executive team and commissioning executives in order to develop and create a consistently high-quality product in line with the production brief.
  • Experienced in conveying the vision and aims of the executive team and commissioning executives to assist the production team and technical crew in achieving their objectives and maintain the highest level of performance throughout the production.
  • Proven track record as a team leader and experienced in mentoring, developing and motivating large teams, individuals and on screen talent, setting clear objectives, reviewing work and performance, developing their production skills and giving constructive feedback to deliver highly positive and visible results.
  • Experienced in exercising control of production budgets and managing production timelines, aware of cost implications and skilled in maximizing production value on screen.
  • Overseeing the casting of both inexperienced and experienced contributors and talent for a range of genres and formats. Exercising strong interpersonal skills and developing a good working relationship with talent (with varied levels of presenting experience) to gain the best performance.
  • Edit producer with significant post production experience overseeing multiple edit suites and liaising with the executive team, commissioning executives and production team to review and refine work from off-line to final delivery, on time and on budget.  


Key Production Skills - Director

Series Director l Multi-Camera Studio / Gallery Director l Outside Broadcasts l Flying Rig l PSC Location Director l Hidden Camera Director l Self-Shooting Director

  • Highly trained and experienced Studio / Gallery Director of live and pre-recorded multi-camera formats including magazine shows, game-shows, music and entertainment features, news and factual programming.
  • Trained and experienced in camera scripting and directing live and pre-recorded multi-camera studio music performances for respected flagship brands including ‘Top Of The Pops’ and ‘Blue Peter’.
  • Location PSC and Multi-Camera Director with significant filming experience across a wide range of formats / genres including documentary and observational documentary, wildlife, reality, music performances, dramatic reconstruction, comedy, hidden camera, interviews, product reviews, games, stunts and sporting challenges.
  • Significant experience directing and vision mixing live and pre-recorded outside broadcasts and flying rig multi-camera setups.
  • Extensive location / foreign filming experience both in the UK and Internationally including Europe, the Middle East, Caribbean, USA and Asia. Significant experience of filming in extreme weather conditions and across a diverse range of shooting environments including hostile and hazardous locations on land, sea and air.
  • Directing inexperienced and experienced contributors and talent from children to adult performers across a range of genres and formats. Exercising strong interpersonal skills and developing a good working relationship with talent (with varied levels of presenting experience) to gain the best performance on screen.
  • Experienced in working with a wide range of studio cameras and tape / tapeless camera formats including DigiBeta, DSR and HD PSC cameras, Digital and HD handheld cameras (PD150, Z1, EX3 & XF305), Go-Pro, remote and fixed covert / hidden camera setups utilising pinhole/mini/micro lenses, track and dolly rigs, Polecam, Mini-Jib, Jib and Technocranes.
  • Practical self-shooting camera skills and BBC trained using DSR500/570, Z1, PD150 with advanced training in sound and self lighting as well as editing on Mac Final Cut Pro.