Showreel & Highlight Clips

 Generic Showreel

BBC: 1996 - 2008

GENERIC SHOWREEL – Freelance Producer / Director

Highlighting just a few of the wide range of programmes I worked on as Senior / Series Producer, Studio Producer, Multi-Camera Director and Location P/D with the BBC from 1996 - 2008.


The following showreel features clips from the flagship children's magazine show Blue Peter, music performances from Top Of The Pops Saturday, highlights from gameshows Get Your Own Back and Brainjitsu, a montage of location P/D work including the observational documentary Adventure Florida and high energy, action packed entertainment series Record Breakers.


Infocus Asia

Adventure 8: Zoo Games

Discovery Kids Asia Pacific

Aug. - Dec. 2012

Adventure 8: Zoo Games - Infocus Asia / Discovery Kids Asia Pacific

(8x25min) Observational Documentary / Factual Entertainment Series made by Infocus Asia for Discovery Kids Asia Pacific. 


Role: Consultant Development Producer / Series Director / Senior Location Producer / Senior Edit Producer 


Description: Adventure 8: Zoo Games is a new wildlife based factual entertainment children's television series blending observational documentary filming with interactivity and physical challenges focused around theme-based content. Through the kids natural curiosity about the outside world the "cool zoo school" environment provided the junior zookeepers with an opportunity to develop their social skills, increase their wildlife awareness / education and encourage a more lateral way of thinking. Hosted by Jamie Aditya and Nathalie Widyanti Mercier.


Exec Producers: Dean Johnson (Infocus Asia) / Vikram Channa (Discovery Kids Asia Pacific)


Adventure 8: Zoo Games - Ep1 “Food For Thought”

The Adventure 8 get right into the action as they discover first hand what it means to be a junior zookeeper - starting their apprenticeship at the very bottom as together with hosts Jamie and Nathalie they follow the journey of food around the zoo.


Just like humans, animals need to eat a balanced diet but remember what goes in, must come out! While one team works in the Central Kitchen preparing food for the animals, the other team goes out on poo patrol cleaning up after the rhinos.


Next the blue team get up close and personal with the kangaroos during feeding time. While the red team finish up their delivery run and serve up a delicious breakfast to the white-faced Saki monkeys.


Finally the adventurers’ food skills are put to the test in the first zoo games challenge “You Are What You Eat”.


Objective ProductionsMeet The ParentsE4

July - Aug. 2012

Meet The Parents 2 - Objective Productions / E4

(2x1hr) Hidden Camera Comedy Series made by Objective Productions for E4. 


Role: Multi-Camera Location Director (Hidden Camera Flying Rig) 


Description: Hidden Camera comedy series utilizing Flying Rig & Covert CCTV camera setup. Alex Zane presents the second series where an unsuspecting member of the public meets their partner's family for the first time, in what might be the most bizarre afternoon of their life...


The challenge: For a boyfriend to last the entire afternoon at his girlfriend's parents' house. However unbeknown to the boyfriend, there are 30 hidden cameras watching his every move and everyone at the house is an actor doing their upmost to make the ‘mark’ as uncomfortable as possible. For the most part the show is scripted; however the cast do improvise, depending on how certain situations play out. Actors included Richard Brimblecombe, Jane Cunliffe, Scott Hazell, Aisling Jarrett-Gavin.


Exec. Producer Lee Hupfield / Series Producer Ben Jessop


Meet The Parents: Series 2 - Episode 1 (Edited Highlights)

Greg, an unsuspecting member of the public, is set up by his real life girlfriend Jenny to meet her fake family - 'Ed' the Dad who loves to gamble but isn't very lucky, 'Mary' the Mum, a crop circle enthusiast who communicates with Aliens, 'Kat' the Sister who claims to be a physiotherapist but is really a high class escort and finally 'James' the Brother, a super computer geek and battle re-enactor.


Mandrake Films

Young Legal Eagles

BBC Learning Learning On Screen Award

Jan. - May 2012

Young Legal Eagles - Mandrake Films / BBC Learning

(1hr + 6x10min web episodes) Observational Documentary made by Mandrake Films for BBC Learning. 


Role: Senior Producer / Multi-Camera Director / Edit Producer 


Description: With unprecedented access to in the inside of a courtroom at the Old Bailey, this groundbreaking documentary explores the British legal system. Young people from UK state schools and colleges take on the roles of barrister, defendant, witness, jury, court reporter, court artist, forensic scientist and court usher. 


Presided over by Baroness Scotland QC, and using dramatic reconstruction to illustrate the crime, we watch the anatomy of a case unfold in the Old Bailey courtroom. Top-class barristers and other experts in the field mentor the young people in the run up to the live trial, teaching them the skills of oration and debating, details about crime investigation and what to expect in cross-examination, so that they are ready for their day in court. 


Exec. Producer Lucy Baxter (Mandrake Films) / Exec. Producers Mark Gorton & Katy Jones (BBC Learning) 


*The programme was a great success with its audience, legal experts and educators and was also highly recognised by the industry being nominated for both a 2013 Learning On Screen Award under the ‘Courseware and Curriculum’ category as well as being selected as a finalist for the Youth Category Award of the Japan Prize 2013.

Young Legal Eagles (Highlight Clip)

 This is the first time cameras have been allowed to film in the Old Bailey and as well as being used as an education tool the programme will contribute to the intensifying debate as to whether real court cases should be broadcast on television in the future.


Twenty Twenty

Ben 10 Ultimate Challenge

Cartoon Network

Aug. - Sept 2011

Ben10 Ultimate Challenge - Twenty Twenty Television / Cartoon Network

(50x25min) Children’s Entertainment Game-show made by Twenty Twenty Television for The Cartoon Network. 


Role: Studio Producer 


Description: Children’s Game-show (question & physical challenge) based on the popular cartoon hero Ben 10 to be broadcast in 12 countries from the UK to Europe and the Middle East. The series was filmed in twelve different languages with competitors and presenters from each region.


Studio Producer role included overseeing international producers during the script-reversioning process into French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Classical Arabic ensuring that the original English scripts were correctly translated and that the scripts still worked for the targeted foreign language audience. I also stood in for the Series Producer during studio recordings, overseeing the foreign presenters and international producers. 


Exec. Producer Daniel Marlowe / Series Producer Mandy Morris

Ben10 Ultimate Challenge - Highlight clip from the Arabic week.


Fresh One ProductionsAl Tabaq Al Ta'er

Al Jazeera Children's

Feb. - Aug. 2010

Flying Saucer (Al Tabaq Al Ta'er) - Fresh One Productions / Al Jazeera Children's Channel

(25x30min) Cookery Show / Sci-Fi Drama made by Fresh One Productions for the Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC). 


Role: Studio Producer / Supervising Multi-Camera Director / Location Producer Director / Edit Producer 


Description: 'The Flying Saucer / Al Tabaq Al Ta'er' is a new healthy eating sci-fi cookery drama filmed in Doha, Qatar. The series was a co-production between Fresh One Productions and the Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) created to combat the growing obesity problem in the Middle East by helping to raise awareness of the health risks associated with eating too much junk food, stimulating children’s imagination and taste buds by introducing them to healthy home cooked alternatives to fast food. Scripted in English, translated and filmed in classical Arabic, this unique format mixes comedy, drama and traditional cookery studio filming techniques to educate, entertain and inform.



Exec. Producers - Jo Ralling & Roy Ackerman (Fresh One Productions) & Faycal Hassairi (Al Jazeera Children's)

Episode 1 "Burger" 

The crew of the 'Flying Saucer', Laith, Mohsen, Amira and Robot Sunbol are sent on their first mission by Health Food Task Force Agent Suleiman to help create a healthy alternative to burger and fries.





Nov. 2007 - April 2008

Brainjitsu - BBC Children's Factual

(25x60min) Brian Training Factual Entertainment Game-show - BBC Two / CBBC Channel. 


Role: Studio Producer / Multi-Camera Director 


Description: New brain training series merging studio challenges and observational filming to test ‘Brainees’ with a mix of mental and physical challenges. This was a fast turnaround production employing a unique technical and DSR multi-camera setup to provide a high volume of 1hr programmes on a very tight budget and schedule.


Exec. Producer Gillian Scothern

Brainjitsu - Highlights clip.



Adventure FloridaCBBC

 Discovery Kids USA

July - Sept. 2007

Adventure Florida - BBC Children's Factual / Discovery Kids USA

(15x30min) Observational Documentary Series - Children’s BBC / Discovery Kids USA. 



Role: Casting Producer / Location Producer 



Description: Co-produced observational documentary series following a team of eight British and American children on an educational expedition across Florida, interacting with both natural and exotic wildlife from Killer Whales to Manatees.



Exec. Producer Reem Nouss


Adventure Florida Ep.11 "Swimming with Sharks" - Highlights Clip.

This clip features a montage of series highlights plus a quick cut of the groups experience as they face their fears and swim with killers of the deep - sharks!



TOTP Saturday


June 2004 - May 2005

Top of The Pops Saturday - BBC Children's Entertainment

(1x60min weekly) Music Entertainment Magazine Show - BBC One.


Role: Multi-Camera Studio Director / Studio Producer


Description: Studio based Saturday morning sister show of Top Of The Pops, featuring musical performances, comedy sketches, guest interviews, music reviews and competitions. Presenters - Fearne Cotton, Sam Nixon, Mark Rhodes.


Series Producer Christina Brown; Exec. Producer Sue Morgan


THE KAISER CHIEFS "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" + BEST BITS

The Kaiser Chiefs take to the stage for the last ever performance on Top Of The Pops Saturday followed by an end of series highlights reel.



EMBRACE "Ashes" 

Embrace leave the Top Of The Pops studio for an outdoor performance by the 'Stage Door' of BBC Television Centre.




Robbie takes to the stage to perform "Radio" - No band or backing dancers just a bank of iMacs for company.




The Scottish glam rock pop take to the TOTP stage with a few video tricks to make this a very stylish performance.



STERIOGRAM “Walkie Talkie Man”

The Grammy Award-nominated punk rock band from New Zealand take to the stage for a performance with a smashing finish… quite literally smashing.





One of the most successful girl groups ever, the ladies take to the stage to wake things up on a Saturday morning.




ROBBIE WILLIAMS : On The Sofa Interview

Robbie wouldn't stand On The Spot alone and insisted that Fearne Cotton join him On The Sofa for this humorous and intimate interview. Answering viewers questions Robbie confesses to eating flies, chats about The Goonies, Kylie vs. Nicole Kidman and crushes.



Aug - Dec 2003

Tikkabilla - BBC Children's Pre-School

(16x30min) Factual Entertainment Magazine Show - BBC One / BBC Two / CBeebies channel. 


Role: Multi-Camera Studio Director / Edit Producer


Description: Colourful magazine show featuring puppets, storytelling, songs, musical performances, guest demonstrations and creative makes that aims to educate pre-school children in an entertaining manner. Much of the show's format followed that of 1964-1988 UK children's programme Play School including the iconic square, round and arched windows used as a device to transport the viewer from the studio to the outside, real world. Each show is hosted by two adults and a small dragon puppet named Tamba. The programme's educational content is delivered to the viewers and Tamba who views the world with childlike eyes. Hosts / Presenters included Justin Fletcher, Lorna Laidlaw, Veejay Kaur and Paul Ewing with Tamba being performed by puppeteers Sue Eves and Alison McGowan.



Exec. Producer Kay Benbow / Producers Allan Johnston & Alison Haggar

TIKKABILLA  - Highlight Clips

Justin Fletcher, Lorna Laidlaw, Veejay Kaur & Sue Eves as the loveable Tamba make full use of the Tikkabilla house to entertain pre-school viewers. Opening the doors Justin, Lorna and Tamba sing the "Working" song, CBeebies Busy Lizzie teaches Justin how to make pottery, Veejay and Tamba tell the story of the “Little Red Hen" and before they say goodbye Justin, Lorna and Tamba sing the wonderful "Big & Small" song.